2018 is almost approaching and as the world turns and gets smaller, a leap of faith might be in order to mix things up!

My place in the travel industry has grown from a small child forced to travel the world to an older and hopefully wiser adult that explores the world because of an appetite that was curated over time.  I think that over the last half a dozen years or so; I have explored more unique destinations both globally, as well as here in the continental United States, than ever.  I continue to push my comfort zone, and experience places and locations that I only dreamed about as too far off and not enough time to get there.

This is where the leap of faith begins for many….not enough time or just settled into a comfort zone is not an excuse anymore.  Now is the time to try new products, travel to new destinations that may not be entirely what you think, yet come away with a whole new appreciation in what you thought.  If you sail only one cruise line because you want to max out your loyalty membership and it is keeping you from trying other lines; then take a chance and jump ship and experience something new.

Try an escorted tour!  Everyone thinks you are stuck with a bunch of people you don’t know on a bus; but that is where you are wrong.  The people you meet are interesting, experienced and engaging, and many long term relationships are fashioned while you are personally escorted to amazing new adventures.  Educational and comfortable, relaxed and enriching are the trends these experiences are now known for and their popularity is again on the rise.

Ocean vs river cruising is becoming less separated by age and demographics as more families look to river cruises as a long lost opportunity to experience something historical and unique.  River cruise lines now actively promote to the family market and this trend is one of the fastest growing segments in the travel industry.

Finally, bucket lists are meant to be filled!  Africa was a lifelong dream (except for jumping from the Zambezi River Bridge) and although I never truly believed it was possible or affordable; I found out how wrong I and so thrilled I was able to experience such a life changing destination.

Jump now! Make the decision to break from the norm! Choose to try something different!  It is after all your time and your decision to make!

Vince Yeck